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World's first Modular and up-gradable Enclosure for Kids

PocoCasa "Little House" is a safe space you can create in your home that your baby or toddler can call his/her own and grow up safely in for the first precious years of their childhood. PocoCasa, unlike other playpens is spacious and its patented design means you can arrange it to fit the space and shape constraints of your house. In the basic 6 frame form, even mother can join baby at play and even go to sleep with baby close without worrying if baby will fall off the corner of a bed.


  • “ This has been my lifeline. Without it, I do not know what I would have done.”
    - A busy working mother
  • “I have now some peace of mind. 'It is the safest playpen I have ever seen”
    - A housewife & mother
  • “It is simply the best thing, that happened to me after my experience with the first baby”
    - Mother of two kids
  • “I spent most of my day with the baby inside the playpen, playing, talking and, even sleeping. If not for that, I would be handling the baby most day (for fear of possible risks) and would be terribly tied at the end of the day. I want to buy this as a gift to my sister”
  • “My child is still using the playpen, although he is 3 years old. It is now his play place and I like to give him for his birthday a present, a play-house to attach to it.”
  • “Your playpen was gifted to me when my son was beginning to crawl. We found it very useful, colorful, light-weighted and easily portable and we took it with us when we left Sri Lanka. It is also much safer than a wooded one where a toddler can fall and hurt him/her self”
  • “'Within a few days of having it, he started to walk and explore. He is very active and not troublesome at all.”
    - Baby-sitter
  • “Since he got his toy-box and play-house he has learned to be orderly and learning fast and happier”
  • “I have joined two playpens together covering a large space and attached a toy-box and a draw-board. We can even sleep there and watch the TV while baby is doing his own things”
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