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History of Poco Casa


The product originally known as flexiPlaypen had a humble beginning at the backyard of a residence in Kollupitiya. The need for a safe playpen for a baby was first needed by Chamindra, the inventor's son who was looking for a safe playpen for his baby. It was for his first-born child just a few months old, then. The playpen products in the market were not spacious and flexible enough for his family's needs. He searched for a suitable product even when he was abroad, but could not find one. Chamindra discussed the need with his father, Basil and few days later, Basil made a design and got a playpen made for his grandson, out of generally available plastic parts and fabrics. This was found to be safer than a wooden one that are generally available in the market. After many years of valuable use for both of his sons, Chamindra was convinced that this would be a invaluable product for other families as well.


However, this design which was made out of available plastic components was not very steady, can not have correct angular shape, and therefore not patentable. It was also not attractive enough for a potential customer.


Finally, Basil decided to make a more advanced and marketable design for a product with specially designed components to give the product more stability when fixed, while leaving the choice of the shape of the playpen to each customer. The mix of raw material was planned to give the correct level of flexibility of components while fixing. New attachments, such as, mattresses and nets with frames were designed and introduced to markets as attachments to playpens. Colorful frames and varied and embroidered figures were introduced to improve the quality. This design was branded as 'flexiPlaypen' and was patented at Sri Lankan Patent Office first and later at PCT in the World Intellectual Property Office. It was one of 2 Sri Lakan Patents awarded by PCT during that year. Then a new Limited Liability Company was registered with 3 shareholders, Basil, Preethi and Chamindra. The production of component, tailoring of panels and assembly were outsourced to 4 different but small units. The coordination of production and quality control were two among the centralized activities of a small office in Kollupitiya.


In 2009, Basil decided to go one step further; it was an important step taken, to change the product designs into modular enclosures for babies and toddlers. It was also felt important that all the modules are made foldable or collapsible to facilitate transportation and storage of the products. In this modular form, a playpen or an enclosure can be upgraded to take a different size and shape any time and to have different uses for a toddler and a babysitter as well. All of these improvements were aimed at helping the baby to live in an environment stimulating early learning experience and growth with varied activities.


Basil then submitted the second and third patent applications to cover these modules. The forth application is now pending. Among these optional modules, the gate and the door modules were introduced for the convenience of elders looking after a baby. These two modules were followed by several other modules, such as, toy-chest, play-house, draw-board, desk, cup-board and so on. Fabrication of modules necessitated making of many different and specially designed molds, under the direct supervision of the patent holder.


Since it was realized in mid 2010, that the demand for the product was increasing and many potential local and overseas markets were not being satisfied, due to lack of marketing locally and abroad, Basil and Chamindra decided to invite Sarath and Jerome, two good friends of Basil and his nephew, Ruwan to form a new Company and be Directors and shareholders. They eagerly accepted the offer and now are working hard to see the formation and progress of the new Company using their professional expertise and skills. We now have a very professional and capable team to meet possible challenges and hopefully to move forward in the local and international business.

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